Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

I know summer is not officially over but my brain has already begun to slide into the next season . It's getting darker earlier and lighter later .. I think that may be one of the biggest things I dislike about summer leaving us .. besides the much colder temps that winter brings which I am not a fan of either !
But Fall is a beautiful season .. the colorful changes that nature goes thru , the crisper air and less humidity , the need for a light sweater in the mornings , and scent of burning leaves and the cool nights that are perfect to relax by the warmth of a firepit .  Those are some of the things that make me love this season...and the fact that my birthday is in October and Halloween is my most favorite holiday seem pretty fitting :)

My workspace at the moment has a project that I am in the middle of for an art group I belong to on Facebook. The theme was Seasons and of course I went with Fall since it has the prettiest colors.
It's a little mixed media shadowbox/collage using the Tim Holtz compartment tray pictured above.

I will be sure to share the finished piece here in the next couple days !

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cropping Photos in a Snap!

Snap! Simple Stories has come up with another way cool product that flew right off of the shelf at Michael's Arts and Crafts and into my little hands.  Now I know most people probably just whip out their paper trimmer to crop their photos and I definitely have done it that way in the past .. but .. with this neato little tool I don't think it will be used as often .  Inside the package are 5 pieces of acrylic in the most commonly used photo sizes.  2 x 2, 3 x 3, 3 x 4, 4 x 4 and 4 x 6.  And even better is that they have a little hole at the top so that you can keep them neatly together with a simple binder ring !

They are only $5.99 and if you use your 40% coupon it's an even better deal !  If you can't find them at your local Michael's Arts and Crafts there are quite a few online shops that sell them as well such as ,Scrapbooks and More and of course Amazon.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Artist Spotlight ... Bananafish Studio

I love to be introduced to new artists who create and sell their own lines of stamps, embellishments and pretty paper products...and if you do not know about Bananafish Studio then you need to visit her shop .. pronto.  Amazing stamps , perfect tidbits for any type of scrapbooking you may do whether it be Project Life ,  Handbook size, 12 X 12 layouts .. these are perfect for just about any option you choose.  The above set is her Everyday Accessories Kit .. and .. it's only $6.50 !  It includes stamps, cardstock labels, cork embellishments, 2 adorable flair, wood veneer. and on and on. I could not believe how much was packed into this kit!

And I couldn't resist her new stamp set .. Well Said .. at only $10.00. A great assortment of stamps .. that can again be used in so many different ways .   It is sold out at the moment , when her shop launches new product it goes FAST!  But you can pre-order it on her site .. it is well worth it.

I'm sure I will be putting these to good use while I am creating my mini book this weekend :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer .. where did you go

Can you believe next weekend is Labor Day weekend ... already ?!   I just don't know why these 3 1/2 months go so quickly .. it's my favorite season and I am always saying goodbye way too soon.  I do love Fall for lots of different reasons . but not as much as summer . mainly because I know winter is right around the bend !   My favorite parts of summer are having the windows open with a nice breeze as you fall asleep. Delicious fruits and vegetables from farmer's markets .. especially tomatoes and corn .. so yummy.  Listening to the crickets , cicadas and other assorted wildlife at night .. their chatter is soothing and comforting.  Being able to run out in a sundress and flip flops .. not having to worry about bundling up and bracing the wind , snow and 30 degree temps. The feeling of a slowed down pace - traffic is not as crazy as when school is in session or the holidays are upon us.  So many reasons to love summer ..I would be totally ok if it were the only season :)

                                                             1.  Simple Beauty

                                                             2.  This .. desk ♥

                                                             3.  Perfect Spot

                                                             4.  The Smeg

                                                             5.  Beautiful Blogging

                                                             6.  Summer treat

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

(Wood) Workspace Wednesday

Working at Michael's definitely has its perks ... though sometimes I feel like I spend half of my check there :)  My excuse is that my discount is great and when things are already on sale you just can't pass them up .  The majority of the "seasonal" wood section has been 80% off for the past couple weeks and along with the boxes I bought (shown in pa previous post) I thought I would pick up a few of these lovelies too.  My obsession with does / deer is not over yet ... and the christmas season is sure to bring more of these into my home ... starting with the adorable little deer head ornament pictured above.  He's so perfect I may leave him just the way he is !

The ornate ones will make great christmas ornaments , the tags could be used on my scrapbooking pages or to make a mini book held together with twine . I think they were about $.05 - $0.20 each !

I bought two of these camera's .. I am thinking possible another mini book with these as the covers :)
So many ideas and projects on my little time !

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beauty and the Freebies

I'm switching it up a bit today and getting girly on you .  I love my art and making stuff but I am a girl at heart so makeup is also a fun thing that I love. And fun free beauty supplies are always a sure way to make me smile:)  I placed an order on and was just a little excited to see that a cute little bag of freebies ended up in my cart !  And these are not your run of the mill no name brand freebies..there is some really cool stuff in here that I can't wait to try.

A facial masque that smells delicious , Bliss's body butter in Grapefruit & Aloe which I have tried previously and love it...very moisturizing and smells just like a freshly cut grapefruit.  An awesome fuschia colored nail polish from Crabtree and Evelyn. I think my toes will love this shade.

BareMinerals Moxie mini lipstick .. in a shade I have been wanting to try.. it's fate . Cargo HD lip primer , Jouet lip gloss , Skin Vanish for those little imperfections and Phyto night cream.

Gardner's hand balm . always wanted to try this one.  A week's worth of Go Smile teeth whitening gel, Origins Smarty Pants CC , and L'Occitane Shower Oil .. another amazingly yummy smelling treat.

Plus it all came in a neat little 2 compartment travel size makeup bag !  So, if you are in need of some beauty products head on over to Beauty.Com and get yourself this fab little set of freebies while it lasts !

Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's all about the Yum Factor

Just a quick glance at my 6 on Sunday this week and I am pretty sure you can guess where my mind was this week ... yummy food !   Although I have to admit the first one also caught my eye with the typography and the colors .. totally in love with it . I would need to keep that container after the ice cream was gone :)

                                                           1.  Pretty and Sweet

                                                           2.  Best Guac Ever

                                                           3.  What rainbows may taste like

                                                           4.  Breakfast is my favorite

                                                           5.  Can I have S'More ?

                                                           6.  My favorite city

And on another note .. I ordered my Instagram prints from Persnickety Prints today and I can't wait to get started on my mini summer album !