Sunday, July 27, 2014

Funday Sunday

I'm looking forward to the week ahead .. it's only a 4 day work week because on Friday my man and I may be taking a day trip .. to .. Coney Island !!  I'm hoping the weather cooperates and fingers crossed for no rain .  I have always wanted to go to Coney Island...the vintage-ness, the freak show - circus atmosphere .. and the Wonder Wheel.  Now I won't be going on this amazing ride but my camera will behold it's beauty . I have seen so many beautiful pictures of it and I even own a print created by Daniel Danger ...

Or we may take a ride to the shore .. either way we will be making a day of it together.. enjoying each other's company and some yummy food . Good old hot dogs if it's Coney Island or delicious sausage and pepper sandwiches from the boardwalk down the shore...and of course some Kohr's soft serve. You can't go to the shore without getting some of that!

And now .. I have for you my 6 on Sunday .  Enjoy !!

If you are feeling crafty and want to do a quick project here is a great idea  Painted Pouch

At one time I used to buy these just to create mini art-scapes with them .. and this idea is cooler than cool   Traveling watercolors

The perfect summer cool down dessert .. in my opinion  Pink Lemondade

I would never complain about having to cook  Love this

If it has raspberries in it ... I'm eating it   Yumm-o

Mini book class at a wallet approved price  Mini - me

Friday, July 25, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Here is a little project I did the other night .. a mini notebook that I altered a bit to give it a bit more pop .  It's perfect to throw in your purse and jot down notes when the creative muse strikes , make lists of all sorts .. whatever you want to write in it!
I used a mini book that I found at Michael's Arts and Crafts and gathered a few little bits from my workspace and just dressed it up .  Fun and quick but still satisfied the need to create something :)
I used a little decorative paper clip to hold my page as well

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

I love the idea of sharing a photo of what your desk /studio / workspace looks like .   It's fun to see what projects are being worked on, the cool supplies they are using or even just the crazy inspiring mess that it can be . So I figured I would do a post each week to let you in on what I'm creating or playing with at the moment.
It's 95 degrees out but scrapbooking our little weekend getaway for our anniversary this past January reminds me of how cold this winter was and I'm totally ok with being overly warm ! I am hoping to have this album complete within the next week or so and I will share some pages here on my blog .
Please feel free to comment below with a link to your workspace .. I would love to see !

And a little exciting news ... I am in the midst of setting up a new home for my blog.  I like Blogger and it's features and the fact that it is free. But I saw another artist's blog the other day and she had moved her site and it looks amazing!  So, after I finish up the last few tweaks I will be announcing it on here.  My new home will be on Squarespace .. watch out for updates here :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dreaming a little Dream...

This is a wood collage that I created at in a class taught by Karen Michel at Artfest in 2010.  I was lucky enough to attend that super inspiring art retreat twice and I will never forget either trip . It was held in a little magical town called Port Townsend, Washington  .. just a short ferry ride from Seattle.  The classes were always so hard to choose because they all sounded amazing , the teachers were the best of the best and the all around feeling of being with so many other like minded artists made for a wonderful experience each time.

So in honor of inspiring art this week's 6 on Sunday has many links dedicated to just that .. with a few other cool things thrown in too ....

I'm always on the lookout for great blogs and this week I found one that I will probably visit quite often ..  Things I love

If you are a "pinner" then you will agree with me when I say Pinterest is an addiction. I always get sucked in for at least a half hour a day .  A couple mini books really caught my eye this week ...
Wood book
Tag book

Tote-ally love so many of these  Society 6

This had me at  Raspberry and Vanilla   

Love this girl's style  Layers of color

Loving the new stamps and stencils for the upcoming holidays   Tim Holtz

I told you this week's was full of visual eye candy in the art department .. some weeks are just made for that :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

We are Made of Stories

Just a quick post to share a little something that makes my mailbox smile every month ... the Studio Calico Project Life kit.   There are so many kit clubs out there but I have to admit my favorite by far has to be Studio Calico's.  They have something for everyone and their prices are pretty decent considering the amount of fun things they include with each kit.

This month , like every other , did not disappoint.  A great stamp set .. LOVE the "we are made of stories" image .. definitely my favorite thing this month.


I am totally infatuated with anything that is deer/doe related so when I saw this wood veneer set I was pretty excited :)

A cool stencil that could be used in lots of different ways plus some cardstock sticker embellishments with a wood veneer look.

And of course a ton of 3 x 4 journal / title cards which could be used with any type of layout , they aren't just for Project Life . These look great on a 12 x 12 page.

So , if you love to get happy mail and want to join a scrapbook , card or project life kit club (plus see all the other cool stuff they have for sale on their site check them out here Studio Calico

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Feral Family ....

I have been a huge animal lover since I was a kid .. large , small , tame , wild .. I love them all . In my lifetime  I have had many stray dogs and cats cross my path and I have either reunited them with their families, taken them to no-kill shelters so that they could be safe until they were hopefully found by their families or ... they came home with me as a part of my family.

Many of my kitties are from a feral colony that I have been caring for over the last 5 years..they were just little wee ones when I rescued them and took them in ... now they are big boys (and girls)

This is Poe

This is Pablo

I have 8 other cats who live with my ex-husband .. I was not able to take them all with me when we seperated . Thankfully I can visit them anytime I want .. I miss them dearly and it isn't the same as living with them but they are safe , together and well taken care of which is what is most important.

My boyfriend has a kitty as well and her name is Chelsea.. Pablo is head over heels for her . The feeling is not mutual though .. lol...

Here are some of the feral family that I care for .. some are at an apartment complex next to where I used to work . I stop there everyday after work to feed them .  There are about 11 in this colony.

There is also a colony that live right outside of our house..basically in our backyard... 10 all together.
These two are brothers .. Jacob and Vincent. They pal around together most of the time :)

This is the mom and dad and their litter (4 kittens all together) .. all of whom were just recently TNR'd (trapped, neutered, returned).  Jacob is hanging out with them as well . The mom is sitting in front of an outdoor kitty bed/shelter that my boyfriend bought for them last year.  It is insulated and waterproof.  The bottom is layered with straw for comfort and to help keep the heat inside . I've seen quite a few of them use it.  I am hoping to get another one before this winter . Each one can fit up to 3 cats comfortably.

And this is Mashy .. he's the old man of the neighborhood .  You can tell he has been around for quite awhile .. his poor body has scars of old battle wounds . It breaks my heart but I know being outside is what he is used too..I just wish he would let me pat him on the head or give him a little cuddle  :)

You can read more here about them here Helping my Feral Family

If you have been caring for a colony please share your story with me .. I would love to hear from you!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Where does the weekend go ....

I know everyone must feel the same way I do -- the work week takes for...ever to get through and the weekend is over within the blink of an eye.  I really do think it should be the other way around ... I would definitely not mind a 3 day weekend year around :)

My online travels throughout the week never seem to disappoint and this week was no different. Hope you enjoy my 6 on Sunday as much I did ....

* I am actually not a wearer of scarves but I could be with this pretty neck wrapper

* Kind of in love with this Desire to Inspire

* This girl's layouts are pretty much all around awesome  You light up my life

* I'm pretty sure I need all of these new stamps .. now where is that winning lottery ticket ?
Tim Holtz

* The lighted canopy .. the floral centerpieces.. yep .. I'm  swooning

* Summer .. ice cream .. enough said Cowboy Bark

And I've updated my Etsy  .. come and see the pretties I have up in the A Sprinkling of Whimsy !