Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Last of the Etsy Christmas lot ...

The time has come to list the last of my Christmas offerings for this year - I have sold quite a few things over the past couple weeks which makes me very happy !  I appreciate everyone who has purchased something from me or even just taken the time to browse my shop and favorite some items.

My latest additions are a few more vintage style ornaments that I have really enjoyed making-there will definitely be more of these next Christmas .. and I possibly have a few ideas for some Valentines ones in the upcoming weeks.

There are also a few more altered matchboxes -- great for advent countdown calendars , little treats in stockings or tiny messages from secret pals :)

I also have a few more mini journals in the works -- they will be added this weekend.  And then my studio will be all pinks, reds , whites .. and hearts !  I have some cute Valentine ideas and can't wait to get started on those soon . But first I really need to start my December "Daily" album.  I have Daily in quotation marks because I just don't have enough material to do daily pages -- during the week I work and sleep for the most part lol .. and there isn't too much holiday merry in that !   So , I do an every few days album that features the highlights of the season.  As soon as I have some of that finished up I will share it here with you .

Till next time I hope you will check out the new items in the shop and maybe find something that catches your eye and needs to be yours ...

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