Friday, June 12, 2015

Exciting new ventures !!

Wow , long time no see!! I really do keep meaning to be more attentive .. like really attentive .. with posting at least twice a week to my blog but as always life gets in the way . Work, Sleep, Work .. and spending time with the love of my life, my furbabies and fitting in some fun creative time always come first.  I do have quite a few blog posts swirling around in my head with cool stuff we have done over the past couple months so I am determined to post some of those this coming week.

For now I wanted to share some new crafty goodness that has been happening in my lil studio and these pretties are now in my Etsy shop waiting to be snatched up and sent to their loving abodes.

I love creating and I am always trying to come up with fun little projects that could easily turn into ideas for items for my shop... which is one reason why the name of my shop is A Sprinkling of Whimsy. Because I am not one who can sit and churn out the same old idea .. time and time again just to sell them... though these little gems may be the contrary .  So much fun and so many color and theme options can be created with these so you may see many different alterations of these in the upcoming months :)

Please be sure to go to my shop page and get all the little details on these .. and as always if you have a color / theme idea that I have not created yet hit me up with a convo and I am sure I can personalize something for you !

Thanks for looking and check back early in the week for a post on the latest Clover Market that I attended !

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