Wednesday, August 20, 2014

(Wood) Workspace Wednesday

Working at Michael's definitely has its perks ... though sometimes I feel like I spend half of my check there :)  My excuse is that my discount is great and when things are already on sale you just can't pass them up .  The majority of the "seasonal" wood section has been 80% off for the past couple weeks and along with the boxes I bought (shown in pa previous post) I thought I would pick up a few of these lovelies too.  My obsession with does / deer is not over yet ... and the christmas season is sure to bring more of these into my home ... starting with the adorable little deer head ornament pictured above.  He's so perfect I may leave him just the way he is !

The ornate ones will make great christmas ornaments , the tags could be used on my scrapbooking pages or to make a mini book held together with twine . I think they were about $.05 - $0.20 each !

I bought two of these camera's .. I am thinking possible another mini book with these as the covers :)
So many ideas and projects on my little time !

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