Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer .. where did you go

Can you believe next weekend is Labor Day weekend ... already ?!   I just don't know why these 3 1/2 months go so quickly .. it's my favorite season and I am always saying goodbye way too soon.  I do love Fall for lots of different reasons . but not as much as summer . mainly because I know winter is right around the bend !   My favorite parts of summer are having the windows open with a nice breeze as you fall asleep. Delicious fruits and vegetables from farmer's markets .. especially tomatoes and corn .. so yummy.  Listening to the crickets , cicadas and other assorted wildlife at night .. their chatter is soothing and comforting.  Being able to run out in a sundress and flip flops .. not having to worry about bundling up and bracing the wind , snow and 30 degree temps. The feeling of a slowed down pace - traffic is not as crazy as when school is in session or the holidays are upon us.  So many reasons to love summer ..I would be totally ok if it were the only season :)

                                                             1.  Simple Beauty

                                                             2.  This .. desk ♥

                                                             3.  Perfect Spot

                                                             4.  The Smeg

                                                             5.  Beautiful Blogging

                                                             6.  Summer treat

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