Saturday, August 2, 2014

Thoughts of flying...

It's that time again .. Sunday always seems to come so quickly . Although I have off tomorrow so this week Sunday isn't my last day of relaxing before getting back to the work week. One more day of sleeping in a little and enjoying some downtime. My daughter is staying with us for the weekend as well so it's been a good couple days off .

So , let's get down to the 6 for this Sunday. Lots of awesomeness here ...

I love photography .. I myself am not a professional but I do love taking photos and seeing other people's photos. My boyfriend takes pretty amazing pictures .. he has a great eye and the feel and composition of his photos shows his talent and his passion for capturing moments in time.
I found this photopgrapher thru some website I was surfing thru and her images are beautiful .

I am always looking for unique and interesting ways to show off art or photos around the house and this one really caught my eye 

I have never carved my own stamps but would love to give it a try one day

Obsessed with mini-books you say ?  Love this one

I love everything about farmhouses .. especially the style of their kitchens . This one is pretty fabulous

And last but not least for this week is another cool class available at Studio Calico . The fact that these are so affordable is a huge plus . 30 Days of Me

Till next time :)

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