Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Feral Family ....

I have been a huge animal lover since I was a kid .. large , small , tame , wild .. I love them all . In my lifetime  I have had many stray dogs and cats cross my path and I have either reunited them with their families, taken them to no-kill shelters so that they could be safe until they were hopefully found by their families or ... they came home with me as a part of my family.

Many of my kitties are from a feral colony that I have been caring for over the last 5 years..they were just little wee ones when I rescued them and took them in ... now they are big boys (and girls)

This is Poe

This is Pablo

I have 8 other cats who live with my ex-husband .. I was not able to take them all with me when we seperated . Thankfully I can visit them anytime I want .. I miss them dearly and it isn't the same as living with them but they are safe , together and well taken care of which is what is most important.

My boyfriend has a kitty as well and her name is Chelsea.. Pablo is head over heels for her . The feeling is not mutual though .. lol...

Here are some of the feral family that I care for .. some are at an apartment complex next to where I used to work . I stop there everyday after work to feed them .  There are about 11 in this colony.

There is also a colony that live right outside of our house..basically in our backyard... 10 all together.
These two are brothers .. Jacob and Vincent. They pal around together most of the time :)

This is the mom and dad and their litter (4 kittens all together) .. all of whom were just recently TNR'd (trapped, neutered, returned).  Jacob is hanging out with them as well . The mom is sitting in front of an outdoor kitty bed/shelter that my boyfriend bought for them last year.  It is insulated and waterproof.  The bottom is layered with straw for comfort and to help keep the heat inside . I've seen quite a few of them use it.  I am hoping to get another one before this winter . Each one can fit up to 3 cats comfortably.

And this is Mashy .. he's the old man of the neighborhood .  You can tell he has been around for quite awhile .. his poor body has scars of old battle wounds . It breaks my heart but I know being outside is what he is used too..I just wish he would let me pat him on the head or give him a little cuddle  :)

You can read more here about them here Helping my Feral Family

If you have been caring for a colony please share your story with me .. I would love to hear from you!

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