Sunday, July 13, 2014

Where does the weekend go ....

I know everyone must feel the same way I do -- the work week takes for...ever to get through and the weekend is over within the blink of an eye.  I really do think it should be the other way around ... I would definitely not mind a 3 day weekend year around :)

My online travels throughout the week never seem to disappoint and this week was no different. Hope you enjoy my 6 on Sunday as much I did ....

* I am actually not a wearer of scarves but I could be with this pretty neck wrapper

* Kind of in love with this Desire to Inspire

* This girl's layouts are pretty much all around awesome  You light up my life

* I'm pretty sure I need all of these new stamps .. now where is that winning lottery ticket ?
Tim Holtz

* The lighted canopy .. the floral centerpieces.. yep .. I'm  swooning

* Summer .. ice cream .. enough said Cowboy Bark

And I've updated my Etsy  .. come and see the pretties I have up in the A Sprinkling of Whimsy !

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