Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I have been trying to create at least one thing a day .. no matter how small or quick the project. I'm trying to get my brain retrained into creating ..often..again.  As many of you can relate if you work full time , have errands to run and just daily day to day life ... it can be very hard to get yourself into the studio doing what you love.  I am fairly exhausted most of the time during the week which does not promote creative inspiration but I am determined to get in there and do Something !
I belong to a group on Facebook for artists that has one on one swaps with other artists which will definitely help get me going and maybe put me on a regular schedule of making art.
The tag above is for a RAK (random act of kindness) that a few of us did for another artist who is in need of some smiles .. hopefully the pretty things she receives in her mailbox will help with that.
I also enclosed the little mini book I created a couple days ago which I showed in a previous recent post. I hope it brightens her day :)

If any of you have any tips or suggestions on how you get the creative mojo going after a long work day please do share !

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