Sunday, July 27, 2014

Funday Sunday

I'm looking forward to the week ahead .. it's only a 4 day work week because on Friday my man and I may be taking a day trip .. to .. Coney Island !!  I'm hoping the weather cooperates and fingers crossed for no rain .  I have always wanted to go to Coney Island...the vintage-ness, the freak show - circus atmosphere .. and the Wonder Wheel.  Now I won't be going on this amazing ride but my camera will behold it's beauty . I have seen so many beautiful pictures of it and I even own a print created by Daniel Danger ...

Or we may take a ride to the shore .. either way we will be making a day of it together.. enjoying each other's company and some yummy food . Good old hot dogs if it's Coney Island or delicious sausage and pepper sandwiches from the boardwalk down the shore...and of course some Kohr's soft serve. You can't go to the shore without getting some of that!

And now .. I have for you my 6 on Sunday .  Enjoy !!

If you are feeling crafty and want to do a quick project here is a great idea  Painted Pouch

At one time I used to buy these just to create mini art-scapes with them .. and this idea is cooler than cool   Traveling watercolors

The perfect summer cool down dessert .. in my opinion  Pink Lemondade

I would never complain about having to cook  Love this

If it has raspberries in it ... I'm eating it   Yumm-o

Mini book class at a wallet approved price  Mini - me

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