Sunday, June 22, 2014

Peace Valley Park

We went to Peace Valley Park yesterday to celebrate my boyfriend's neice's graduation from high school and seriously could not have asked for a more gorgeous day.  Sunny .. no humidity.. just gorgeous.  I love this park and am hoping we get to go back a couple more times before the summer is over.  There are picnic tables , walking trails , and even paddleboat and kayak rentals which we will definitely do next time we go. It was hard to keep my eyes off of the beauty that surrounded us .. the bright colors .. the greens of the trees .. and I am totally sure I would have no problem living next to the water.  Ironically I am actually afraid of the water .. have never learned to swim, so the most I do is dip my toes in or I'll be so brave as to go up to my waist as long as I can still see my feet and there is no strong current :) But I love to be near the water .. the beauty of it .. the relaxing sounds that bring the most peaceful sleep .

A family of geese were hanging out and enjoying the day as well .

I find it funny that my boyfriend and I always wind up taking photos of each other taking photos :)

Looking forward to going back and enjoying the beauty of this place.

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