Sunday, June 29, 2014

6 on Sunday

Throughout the week I do my daily catch up of reading my favorite blogs and checking out inspiring ideas/crafts/images/ yummy recipes on Pinterest so I thought I would start my own weekly round up of some of my favorite finds . I know I love seeing other bloggers do this same little post and have found some great websites and such this way !

So .. without further ado here is my 6 on Sunday for this week :

1 .)  Amazing  photographer Georgianna Lane  ... her travel photography makes you want to vacation there ...  immediately.

2.)    This is pretty much the kitchen of my dreams ...  Maryellen Skye

3.)     Super easy and totally yummy cool treat ..  Raspberry Sorbet Lemon Bowls

4.)     I am a longtime fan of Teesha and Tracy Moore , have been lucky enough to  have attended their Artfest getway in Seattle twice (sadly they have stopped doing these retreats) and now am a member of their online over the top inspirational, super fun and can't believe how cheap it is to join Artstronauts Club . For as little as $5.00 a month you get alot more than what you pay for .. if you have never heard of this place then you need to check it out asap!

5.)     Would love to take this cool online class ..  Imagine Play Emerge

6.)      The awesome free printables from Studio Calico for your scrapbooking pages .  I am a subscriber to their monthly Project Life kit and am never disappointed . It's a great site all around as well for ideas and inspiration .

The picture above is the cover I finally finished for my art journal.  Now I just need to get crackin on the inside.  Tomorrow I will be posting some of the cool art supplies I bought over the weekend for super cheap !  Who doesn't love a deal!

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