Friday, October 7, 2011

Sketchbook Project

When I first heard about the Sketchbook Project I wasn't sure what exactly it was all about ... once I did I was in complete and utter awe of the amazing artwork that went into these journals.  My husband and I went to the showing at the Brooklyn Art Library  this year and I seriously could have sat there all day.. long into the night and poured over these beauties.  There were artists of all levels .. from beginners in drawing , painting and sketching to those that have been doing this medium for years.  I loved each and every one that I looked thtough .  It's fun to just look at all the art but it's also really cool to see the artists interpretation of the theme they chose ... some were exactly what the theme stated while others went in a totally different direction that really got you thinking.

Sooooo.. I have chosen the theme Treehouse.  I've always loved the whole idea of a treehouse .. never had one as a kid but you're never too old to dream :) 

I haven't gotten too far .. certainly not as far as I should be .. in getting my sketchbook started but I will be getting on the ball within the next couple weeks .  Since I am not very good at drawing my book is going to be more of an altered book .  Thankfully you are not limited to the medium you choose to use in your book. There were lots of actual sketchbooks with drawings and such but there were plenty of art journals, pages filled with collage, writings such as stories / poems  etc . 

I have decided that I need my pages to be a little more bulked up since I will be using acrylics, decorative papers, etc .  I cut pieces of Bristol Smooth paper to size .. slightly smaller than the actual sketchbook pages .. and then used my art deckle ruler to fancy up the edges .

I really like the effect that the deckled edges give to the book .. and it will definitely hold up much better with the heavier paper.

Once I get the cover done and a couple pages I will share them here .  If you would like to join in on this fun adventure go here ... there is still time to sign up !

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  1. Hi Donna - I have been popping in from time to time and did subscribe to your blog through email - I wanted to say I am really enjoying it here. Happy, Creative, Insightful place ...