Monday, October 10, 2011

Addicted to Pinning

If you haven't heard of Pininterest .. be prepared to become slightly excited :)  I am totally in love with this site .. there is inspiration oozing out of every yummy image you see !  You can build you own "boards" .. kind of like a virtual corkboard of fun and beautiful images .  It is chock full of pretty much anything and everything you can think .. things for the home , fashion , cute animals, dream vacation spots, and of course tons of art goodness such as scrapbooks, journals and lots of other media !

Come on over and see what it is all about .... and follow my boards if you like .. and I will follow yours back .  Just be sure you don't have anything that has to be tended to for at least an hour .. you will love this site :)

In other news I am super excited to be going to New York for a day trip this week !!  I will be visiting an awesome stamp store The Ink Pad .. and ... going to New York Comic Con  (insert jumping up and down here) .  We went to the Con last year and it was lots of fun.  I have been wanting to attend San Diego's event for the past few years but that would entail quite a bit more money and planning so until we can get out there NYCC will be just fine .  I will be sure to take lots of pictures and share them on here !

For now I thought I would share this photo with you .. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw 3 of our cats starring so intently at something ... it was a cute little bird who is thankful that these guys stay indoors !


  1. That photo is absolutely sensational. It delighted me.

  2. Oh my gosh -- you have three black cats? My late cat was black, too. :) I so love the photo -- thanks for sharing!