Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pumpkin Spice makes everything nice

Soooooo.... I am a little addicted to Starbucks .. and now that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back it is really hard to say no !  The funny thing is many people drink coffee for the caffeine but due to health reasons I have to do the decaf :)  Which is fine with me because I do like to have a cup at night so the decaf definitely makes it easier to fall asleep .  I mostly stick to their iced coffee but when the chilly air comes in and their yummy seasonal lattes are back I must indulge now and then .

I have been itching all week to go up into my studio and create .. I have quite a few ideas for some fun Halloween things .. tags, a festive garland to hang on a mantle (or anywhere else you would like !) mini notepads, and treat bags .
Plus I have another mixed media wood collage that is halfway finished ... if only I could spend most of my waking hours making art **sigh**. 

I am determined to get started these tomorrow .. especially since Halloween will be here before you know it .  By the way .. have you been to Target lately ?  (Yep, another addiction of mine .. I swear the minute I walk into the store I am abducted in a weird time warp kind of demension .. and I never know when I may come out )   Well, Target has the majority of their Halloween stuff out already and of course I need to go see what I must have .. but don't really need .. we have quite a bit of decorations and such .. I could probably decorate our house and the next door neighbor's :)   So, I have been good so far .. no buying .. just perusing .

I will leave you for now with these pictures that I took a couple days ago .. the sky was this amazing mixture of pink, yellow, soft coral and almost lavender.  The photos don't really do it enough justice but you get the idea :)  And behind me was a pretty cool rainbow ... I ♥ rainbows.

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