Monday, September 5, 2011

On the Set .. sort of

Three Potato Four is a very cool shop owned by a husband an wife who share a love of collecting vintage and retro pieces of furniture, accessories, knickknacks, you name it .. and sharing it with the world . They have barn sales usually the last weekend of every month and they are chock full of some really cool things ,  A  little while ago they announced that they were having a movie warehouse sale at the Philadelphia Navy Shipyard .. but I heard about it too late and was not able to make it out there . 
But luckily I am on their email list because lo and behold a couple days go I rec'd an email stating they were extending it for another week .. you can imagine the hoots and hollers that followed !
So... we drove out there today and found out that all of items were used in The Last Airbender .. though I have never seen the movie I have heard about it .. and we knew we would see some really cool stuff !  I didn't take any pictures inside .. I wasn't sure how they would have felt about it .. though now I wish I would have asked so I could show you more !  But I did take a picture of a very cool cart / wagon .. possibly something that was used with horses .. and if I had somewhere to put it (and a way to get it home !)  I would have loved to have bought it .

Since that was not an option I did find some really cool things inside ... and the prices were unbelievably cheap !  The whole lot cost $42.00 !!

I am not sure what the signs were used for but they were the only 2 left and I had to have them .. not sure how they may end up in my art or if I will just keep them for ornamental purposes in my studio.

These tiny boxes were actually used for rice !  You can't really tell from the image but they have such a gorgeous sheen to them .  I am thinking these may end up as shadowboxes with fun stuff inside them .. but I will leave them their natural color.. they are too pretty to paint.

I don't know what these were used for either but I thought they may be cool if I used them for a mixed media collage instead of a canvas...

I nearly squealed when I saw these and when I opened them I was even more excited . They are vintage looking journals .. and .. the papers inside them are a really nice and heavy watercolor paper.  The deckled edges were a total bonus .. these are probably my favorite finds of the day ♥

If you happen to be near the Philadelphia area and can get to the sale you should definitely check it out .. they will be there till September 10 .. 10 am to 5 pm .. and later hours on Thursday !

Tomorrow is the first day of school .. wish us luck .. this summer has been filled with enjoying the extra sleep we were getting .

Summer .. you always wave goodbye too soon .


  1. those journals are the best find ever! lucky girl. love your blog so far! com visit me, if you get a chance!