Monday, April 25, 2011

Still basking in the glow of Artfest

As I am sitting here typing this it is hard to believe that Artfest has already come and gone .. that long awaited trip that seems to be over way too quickly.  If only I could attend every year that would make the wait that much easier !  I have been looking over the Journalfest site wishing I could attend that one but I don't think I will be able to swing it .. so many yummy classes though !!

I really meant to post and upload these photos long ago but we all know how hectic life can be once you get back from vacation and have all those loads of laundry and work piled up that need tending too .

My husband and I made this a vacation as well as a fun filled art getaway for me so there was some time spent in Seattle .. although I would really love to visit there in the summer when the weather is nicer and you can spend more time outdoors sightseeing , browsing the cool stores , etc.  I really wanted to hit the Space Needle again during the trip but there was not enough time .. it is one of the most amazing views from the top of the Needle so hopefully we will get back there next time.

We stayed at The Inn at the Market on Sunday night since it would have been too late to drive into Port Townsend that evening.  It is a wonderful hotel .. nestled right by the famous Public Market ..the beds are the most comfortable I have ever slept in .. and the view from the rooftop deck area is something to behold.  If the weather had been a little better I would have loved to have sat up there with a book and a cup of coffee to take it all in ...




We had a yummy dinner at the Steelhead Diner right across the street from the hotel .. we will definitely be going back in the future!

We checked out a bit of Seattle the next day including the Market ,Pioneer Square and  the Elliot Bay Bookstore. I think my two favorite stores were Watson Kennedy ( I could have spent hours and tons of $$ in there!)  and Uwajimaya  the larget Asian grocery market , which has a huge selection of papers, pens, books, alot of cool stuff .  If you are in the area it is a must do !!

We headed out to Port Townsend later in the day so that we could check in at The Commander's Beach House . We had stayed here the last time I attended Artfest in 2005 .  The owners are very sweet and Gail cooks the most delicious breakfast every morning .. they also have another woman who helps out , Dorothy, and she is just as wonderful .  Aside from the adorable suite we stay in (The Lighthouse Suite) and the yummy food , my favorite thing about this B & B are the gorgeous views from the bedroom windows, the walks on the beach ... and the sound of the ocean waves lulling us to sleep at night .  **Sigh** 






Port Townsend has so much to offer .. great food , neat little shops and coffee spots.  Although I was very sad to see that Tyler Street Cafe had closed .. we were so looking forward to the coffee and pastries they had.. it was a great little place.

Thankfully Perfect Ending Cupcakes had opened recently and I had one of the best cupcakes .. ever.  Chocolate Raspberry ... if only they delivered to Pennsylvania


We revisited our favorite eating spots during the time we were in Port Townsend .. Waterfront Pizza, Sweet Laurette's , The Fountain Cafe . The Banana Leaf Asian Bistro was new for us and it did not disappoint .. great food !  There was also a new Crepe cafe which was out of this world ... we shared a Mediterrean crepe and a banana / chocolate crepe for dessert. Yum!!

 The highlight of the whole trip was Artfest of course and my 3 classes were over the top awesome !  I had Laurie Mika (Wearable Reliquaries) Jesso Reno ( Freedom Understanding Expression) and Karen Michel (Wood Collage Totems). 

My creations from Laurie's Class :






Karen's class :


 I still have a bit to add to this one .. it isn't totally finished yet.


I don't have photos of my painting from Jesse's class .. still working on that one as well . 

If you ever get the chance to take a class with any of these teachers do it !!  They are all so talented , full of inspiration and just awesome people overall .  I could not have asked for better classes this year ♥

I think this may have been one of my longest posts to date !  I will be back later in the week with photos of the beautiful trades I rec'd  and some new art books that I bought over the past couple weeks's .. there are so many coming out that it is hard to keep up !



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