Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Only 13 more days till Artfest !!!

So much to do and so little time !!  The ATC books are finished ... they look amazing .. everyone's art just blew me away .  It was an honor to be the host of this wonderful collaboration this year ... and a HUGE thank you to the artists who participated ! 

Trades are almost done .. just some finishing touches on some of them and I can relax a bit before I start packing :)  

2005 was my first Artfest and I have been aching to go back ever since .. with finances and life in general it just hasn't been possible .. until NOW!!  I am definitely going to soak in every magical moment from  meeting and making new friends, the classes,  the gorgeous surroundings of Fort Warden, the bed and breakfast that we are staying at that is right on the beach just moments away from the Fort...and of course time spent in Seattle, quaint Port Townsend and every coffeshop that we can hit ;)

In my mind I am already there ♥ 


ATC Books waiting to be filled ....




One of my trades .. a mini accordian book with papers and stamped images inside .. and a moo card too!








ATC with an altered thread spool







Another ATC design...



I also included a Moo Card with my trades .. love those things !


Bag of ATC books awaiting their journey to Artfest ..




I will be excitedly counting down the days until my feet touch ground in Port Townsend ♥




  1. Fabulous! I was so enjoying the thought of the thrill of seeing the ATC book at Artfest, and now I have had a glimpse of it's awesomeness I am giggly excited! Beautiful job, can't wait!
    Lesley Whalley

  2. Can I please trade the thread spool ATC with you! It's fabulous, pretty please!

  3. Thanks so much Lesley! I am pretty excited about everyone getting their books ! And I'm glad you like the ATC and spool ... we can trade when you come to get your book on wednesday nite! See you soon :)

  4. The books look wonderful!! Thanks for your hard work :)

  5. sweet trades! o.k. I'm emailing you now so we can trade via snail mail!! xo