Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lingering in the goodness..

I simply adore these beautiful fall days and wish they lasted alot longer than they do...yesterday was a little overcast but the sun did peek out throughout the day  - the latter part of the day being quite sunny and warm.  The day went by way too quickly though, it was 6:00 pm before I knew it!  We went to a few of my favorite places , especially at this time of the year with all the colors just seeming to burst everywhere you turn. 

Our first stop was a quaint little shopping area known as Peddler's Village in Bucks County . The shops are decorated for the season , the scarecrow competition/display has begun and beautiful mums and other flowers adorn the walkways.

My most favorite scarecrow display this year happened to be a few crows that were perfectly named Peck, Fly and Chirp...













One of the stores we went into had a really cool display with a black , gnarled tree that was home to quite a few Ravens ... and some eerie looking spiders as well.......  There was the coolest handmade wooden witch just outside the door and if I had the money she would have made her home on my doorstep !

We then went over to a really great floral shop that is a few streets down and I couldn't resist taking these photos - the hues of the season are just breathtaking...

I could have walked around for hours just taking it all in - I probably could have made myself cozy with a book and some Starbucks . 

It is too beautiful to stay inside for even one more minute so I am going to start some Halloween decorating on the outside of the house and later tonight I will start the inside ... throughout the week I will share more images of the fun I will be having!

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  1. What a cool black raven tree! Lots of great autumn photos. I'm itching to start decorating too, hopefully tomorrow.