Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Autumn Bounty

Another inspiring Autumn weekend lies ahead !  I have been wanting to check out Terrain at Styer's for quite sometime now - I have seen this wonderous place mentioned in other artists blogs and it looks like a place that dreams are made of !

I'm glad that we have finally decided to go this weekend because on Saturday they are having an Autumn Bounty Celebration - complete with a harvest farmers market, a wreath making demonstration/class, and a pumpkin carving demonstration!  If you add all of the other treats that are offered , just take a look at their website , you have a full day of wonder, beauty and colorful inspiration awaiting you .  A visual treat for all the senses ... my camera will be getting a workout this weekend and I'll be sure to share it all here with you!

I also have decorated the inside of the house for Halloween - a mix of spooky and kitschy ... I will be sharing those photos the day of the party so stay tuned for those as well !


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