Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How did we get here so quickly....

As the saying goes , time really does fly.   I can't believe it has been 3 months since I have posted to my blog!  Alot has been happening in my neck of the woods - I'm a stay at home mom now which makes things much easier when summer rolls around and school is out. My daughter is loving the fact that she can sleep in every morning, instead of being awoken and dropped off at a relatives house.  I still have my part time job which I do completely from home which is a blessing.

I kept thinking how exciting this would be , all this time on my hands to create art.....and the inevitable has of course happened......the creative fires just aren't there.  A part of my morning routine is going online and visiting the various blogs that I so enjoy.  I revel in the beauty they have captured, whether it be in a mixed media project, a journal page, a photo that can take your breath away.  And here I sit.....patiently waiting....for that inspiration to well up in me ...

Sometimes I think my well has run dry because it has been so long since I have really sat down and made something with my own 2 hands.... work and life in general were the priority so art was put to the wayside. 

Maybe if I stop being so hard on myself the spark that was there will be reignited and I too will have some beauty for you to revel in .

I was looking around flicker today and came across this black and pink montage and loving it...


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