Saturday, March 29, 2008

To Adorn thyself....

I have been wanting to get myself painted for sometime now - and I know what I want to get inked , just haven't found the right image of it yet.  I do know it will involve a raven with outstretched wings and a crown and I want it on the back of my neck.  If only Kat Von D. was in my area I would be setting up an appointment tomorrow!  Unfortunately she is in LA and I won't be making it there anytime I need to find a shop that is just as excellent as hers, or at least close to it! 

She is such an amazing artist - her work makes my head spin - her drawing skills are phenomenal and her artistry/creativity kicks ass....I really need to get myself a plane ticket and go to LA!!!


She is beautiful isn't she? 

If anyone has some ideas for my Raven tattoo email me ...

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