Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Artfest Excitement has begun

Well, I don't have the exact number of days till artfest figured out yet BUT registration begins in about a week and I am psyched!  Due to finances I don't get to attend very often-I was lucky enough to go in 2005 for the first time and ever since then the magical and life changing event has beckoned me back.  It truly is a most wonderous joining of artists from all around the world just as excited to be there as you are and Port Townsend is just the quaintest little spot I have ever been to. We are staying at the Commander's Beach House again-another beautiful part of coming to Artfest. It is right on the beach and the very wonderful and welcoming owners make the most delicious breakfasts you can imagine! Even though it is a bit chilly at night I have to crack my window so that I can hear the soothing waves roll back and forth - it is the most gentle and beautiful of sounds , wish I could bottle it and bring it back to PA.!!

Here are some of the ATC's I created last night....





  1. wow, these are great! you really do nice work. i love the color tones in all the cards - and of course the images are awesome! so how many total are you going to make? 31 down - how many to go! i think i've decided on my classes and am crossing my fingers! i use to live in Wash. outside Seattle in a suburb called Kirkland. i loved it there! i miss it a lot. can't wait to be back in that area. your B&B sounds like a lovely place to stay!

  2. I found your blog through the Yahoo Artfest Group and just HAD to see who it was that was so organized as to already have ATCs done for trades! WOW!! They are sooo beautiful!! And as an added bonus...you are a new blogger like me! Cool! I'm not the only one! But yours is so put together and artsy looking...mine,not so much! (but I'm working on it!) This will be my first Artfest...I can't wait! Trying to figure out all the finer points of things, like trades, rooming, etc...and you have helped on both counts! I noticed you mentioned a place where you stay, the Commander's Beach House? Could you give me some info on that? Is it off site? If so, how far? etc. I too am a certifiable beach freak, and the thought of once again being able to go to sleep to the sound of crashing waves is almost more than I can stand! Thanks so much! Can't wait to meet you for real!