Wednesday, September 5, 2007

To be Blunt

I have always loved music..all different genre's , some of my favorite artists include Sarah McLaughlin, Dave Matthews, Imogen Heap, 30 seconds from Mars, Lorena McKennit, Snoop Dogg and Blink 182....see, told you my musical tastes are all over the place;)

In two weeks I will be going to New York City to see my most favorite musician of all time......James Blunt.  I have seen him quite a few times and every show is just amazing.   His music is incomparable to any other musician out there today..his lyrics are real, honest , full of compassion and longing, he sings from the heart...which in my opinion not many musicians in this day can say they do. 

He is one that I never tire of listening to his CD (which by the way his new CD "All the Lost Souls" comes out Sept. 18 and I cannot wait!!!)  I rarely listen to the radio anymore ...I admit to being addicted to James - in a good way though:)   When I listen to his music I am transported to another place and time....I can't really explain it, I FEEL so much emotion when I hear his voice singing the beautiful and heartfelt lyrics...a truly magical man he is.

I was a very lucky gal back in October 2006 when I won the charity auction at James's concert in Camden , NJ. and was able to go backstage with a friend and meet him and his band.  All the monies went to

This is an amazing charity that I never knew about until then and I am so honored to have been able to give something to such a needed and beautiful cause--if you have a moment please do go to their website and see for yourself, and maybe help out if you can.

Here are some photos from a very memorable and unforgettable experience.....




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