Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Is that even a word??  If it isn't, it is now! LOL!   I can not find a word to justify my obsession for Halloween--it truly is my favorite holiday!  I love to decorate for it, shop for it, dress up for it , you name it!!   My daughter likes it for the candy factor, as most kids do but she is not loony for it like I am!  I have been wanting to do a whole graveyard theme in the front yard for the past few years .   see !  This year I have a goal to add at least 5 or 6 more handmade tombstones to the scene..

And of course school is not even back in session here but Halloween stuff has entered the stores..and I can't resist it....I try but something gets me every time!!  Here are some of the very cool things I had to have!


I saw this amazing tealight holder and had to have it--anything and everything crows--they are so cool...



And this little whimsical guy just begged to come home with me..they have all different ones at Michael's and I know a few more of his family members will be joining us in the next few weeks!


Also found this cool wood tree at Michael's that will become spookified after I am done with it-anyone that knows where I can find some mini crows please let me know-I NEED some for this tree!!


As the frightfully fun time draws near I will have more pictures to share -- hope you will join me!


  1. omygosh donna, you are possessed - in a good spooky way, of course!!!

  2. bought that same tree! and i want the same "pumpkin guy" you got. I will either rust my tree or "michael deMeng it"...haven't decided yet.