Sunday, November 29, 2015

On a Smaller Scale

I haven't journaled in what seems like forever .. and I really need to start setting time aside at least a few days a week to get back into it.  I wish I had the time and energy to create everyday but with my full time time job and part time on the the weekends it gets a little hard .  I finally had some time tonight to work in one of my mini's after finishing up some ornaments (which will be in the shop tomorrow night - and I am in love with them - hope you will be too !)

I am guessing many people out there see my tiny journals in the shop and can't figure out what could possibly be done in such a small space ... turns out you can do more than you think !  I love working in smaller spaces .. the blank canvas doesn't seem so scary.

I still do my background washes of acrylics and inks and things first .. and then I do the more detailed stuff with images, pens and whatever else catches my eye from my journal fodder.

I still have a bit of pen work to do in this one but I wanted to at least show you what you can do on a tiny page.  If you have hesitated purchasing one because you didn't think there was anything you could create with it then I hope this sparks some inspiration for you !

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