Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Moo's are here !

My tiny pieces of awesome arrived a couple days ago and I am finally finding the time to sit down and share them with you !  I think Moo cards are the coolest and cheapest way to design your own little business card.  There are lots of other designs you can choose from size wise and such but the "classic" Moo cards are my favorite.   They come in the box of cute pictured above .

All nice and tidy and waiting to be opened.

These are the designs I picked for this round...I like being able to put a few different options for the front of my card.  I think you can have as many different images as you would like. You get 100 cards for $19.99 so I have 20 of each of these.

This is the back of the card..they look much better in person than in the picture. The back is a light sky blue which did not photograph well with my studio's lighting.  You can choose from many different fonts and background colors.

I really like how they came out and will be placing these in my Etsy orders and possibly around town to get the word out about my shop.  So if you are thinking of getting some business cards you should definitely look into Moo .. so much fun and really unique .

Tomorrow I will be sharing some photos from our autumn filled weekend.  We went to Morris Arboretum and Linvilla Orchards.  I really love this time of year..such vivid colors and pumpkins everywhere !!

Till tomorrow :)

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