Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How do you Moo ?

So....this just happened !!!   I created a set of Moo cards quite a few years ago to hand out with my trades at Artfest . They were so much fun , I wish I would have kept a few but I wasn't thinking and wound up giving them all away.  I received an email from Moo today and thought ... you know .. I could use some cute lil' business cards.  They would be great to include with orders and maybe place around town to get the word out about my fun little online shop .  These really are fun cards to make and not very expensive either.  100 cards for $19.99 that you basically designed all on your own !
Once I get them I will be sure to show them to you on here  and if you order from my Etsy then you will get one with your purchase :)

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