Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

I have a couple "Smash" journals that I add stuff to now and then and just wanted to share a few pages with you since I just 'smashed' some cool business cards into it today .
In this particular book I have mostly other artists business cards , Moo cards, tags , etc.  Most of the time I just use washi tape to attach them to the pages since there is usually info or more artwork on the back of the cards.  This way I can remove them without harming the card or the page.

Many of these cards have come from Clover Markets that I have been too .. I just love the imagery , fonts and overall craftiness of these little treasures.

I also keep random bits and pieces of paper that I find in magazines, cafes, etc . If it's cool and funky it will probably end up in here :)

In other fun (and for me quite exciting!) I have sold a few things in my shop . If you haven't checked out my recent update please stop by and maybe you will see something that tickles your whimsy .  I will definitely be adding more things this weekend as well !

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