Saturday, November 15, 2014

December Daily.... you are going to rock

I have never had much luck at winning it the lottery, the games on the boardwalk where you win the gigantic stuffed animal that you carry around for hours and then can't fit in your car .. you get the picture .  But .. I do always give it a shot if it's something I really want soooooo.. France of Bananafish Studios was doing a little purge of her craft room and she generously filled medium sized priority boxes with BUNCHES of goodness.  There were 4 or 5 giveaways all together and all you had to do was like or comment on the photos , pay the postage for the package which was only $12.50 and she would pick a winner at random.
There were 2 giveaways that I fell in love with .. this December Daily themed one in particular .. and I couldn't believe my eyes the next day when I saw that I had WON !!   Over the moon excited doesn't really cover it... lol.

I received the box a couple days ago and it was super heavy and filled to the top.  I didn't even photograph everything that was included.  Seriously .. a jackpot of Christmas glee.

 The album is above is handmade and all the pages are sewn it .. I think it will make a wonderful album for my DD this year.

                                             So many stamps .. love the trees and the elf legs !!!

I am not sure what I am going to do with this felt but it is the softest felt I have ever ... felt !  The colors are gorgeous .. the photos do not do them justice.

My December Daily will totally rock this year..can't wait to get started !  Be sure to check out Bananafish Studios .. she has alot of great products in her shop !

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