Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

On this rainy autumn Workspace Wednesday I wanted to share my latest swap creation with you .. Twinchies!   They are basically Inchies .. but instead of only being 1 inch by 1 inch they are 2 X 2 .
The collages are still on a mini scale but with that extra inch on each side you have a little more play room .  I had lots of fun collecting my bits and pieces for these and I love working on a smaller scale-it doesn't give you that large blank canvas fear ! And you can still add little embellishments if you wish , you don't have to stick to all flat materials.  I used the 2 X 2 canvases that come in a pack of 8 at Michael's and the swap called for 6 Twinchies so I have 2 more to play around with and keep for me :)

If you like to work on a smaller scale you should definitely give these a try .. fun to swap with an art partner too!  You could even put a whole bunch of these together and create a collage of them which is another project I have on my long list of fun things to do!

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