Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Obsessed with Pumpkins....just slightly

Pumpkins . Everywhere. All sizes, shapes , colors. A little slice of heaven if you adore these beauties of the gourd family.  I am smitten with everything about them .. even in their edible form. Pumpkin pie , pumpkin lattes .. yep.  Obsessed. Just slightly.

On our way home from Norristown Farm Park we passed a favorite garden shop of mine. They were already closed but they leave all of these out on display so I just had to stop and take some photos .

Look closely and you will find a little cutie enjoying a treat .. many of his friends were joining him as well :)

Could the  design and detail be anymore amazing ??

These "ghost" pumpkins as I like to call them really caught my eye .. definitely a favorite.

                                                      Pumpkins make October awesome.

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