Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

Re-organize . Yes , it was that time again.  I recently saw - on another artist's blog - these cool little clear trays that fit perfectly inside the Ikea drawer unit and I knew they would be perfect for all my little fun trinkets and embellishments.  I had originally stored these in a Tim Holtz compartment / assemblage drawer and that worked well .. until I started to accumulate more fun stuff :) So, I thought I would give these a try, even though they would not sit directly on my desk they are easily removable from the drawer and I have everything at a glance which I love and makes creating my pages much easier.

The clear trays that the other artist used were in the closet organizer section in Target and they were priced at $3.69 each.  I was going to buy a couple at a time until I had the amount that I needed. But ..I took a little walk down the dollar finds aisles .. and .. I couldn't believe what I saw .  There was a bin of clear plastic trays that looked exactly like the more expensive ones !!  And they were only $1.00 !   I almost yelled "Score" right in the aisle .. but then refrained and just did a little happy dance in my head :)  These trays are only a smidge smaller than the other ones but they have 3 sections to each tray and I can fit 6 in one of my Ikea drawers . $6.00 for a pretty awesome way to organize all your little things .. definitely made my day !

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