Thursday, September 11, 2014

Funky Fabric Fun

I was in Joanne's Fabric a few weeks ago just to look around and even though I don't really use fabric in any of my projects I still like to check out that section .. the colors and designs can lend to inspiration for all sorts of projects.  This time though I actually purchased some mini bundles .. I just couldn't pass up these quirky pieces !  They came already cut .. about a yard each . Who knows what I will do with them .. maybe they will end up in my journal or on the cover .. perhaps I may try my hand at sewing something cool ?  We will see ....

The above piece is my favorite  .. it's whimsical doodles are pretty awesome :)

This one is probably geared towards a baby blanket or something along those lines but I can see the actual images being cut out from the fabric and built into the creation that way instead of using the piece as a whole.

The same with this piece .. the images cut out and used as a background for a journal page, maybe a card or tag .  It reminded me of something out of Teesha Moore's drawing / journaling...very cool .

So, even if you are not a seamstress you can still find ways to incorporate some funky fabrics into your projects !

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