Monday, September 29, 2014

Let's get crafty....

I love banners .. they are fun and decorative ... easy to make your own to fit whatever theme or color scheme you would like to create .  This banner is for one of my swap partners and it only took about an hour or so . This banner was for an October themed swap so I gathered some autumn colored cardstock , burlap ribbon in similar colors , some leaves (these came in a package -about 20 all together for $1.99 at Michael's) . tape runner, embroidery floss in a light brown color , my stencils and the Recollections chipboard album in the perfect shape for a banner !

I laid my chipboard shapes out and cut a very little bit off of the top - this way I could get all 4 pieces covered with 1 12x12 sheet of paper.  I then cut off 2 pieces of my embroidery floss and attached 1 of them to my first banner piece and the other to the last piece. I cut the piece big enough to leave a decent sized loop for hanging my banner . I taped up all of my chipboard pieces and adhered them to the desired piece of cardstock.  I then cut them out and used my exacto knife to get right up to the edge for each piece.  I inked up all the edges of my banner pieces to give them a little more punch .. you don't have to do this part but I thought it gave them all a pop of color.  I then used a coordinating solid color cardstock and used my alphabet stencils to trace my word .. which happens to be Fall :)   The kit only gives you 4 pieces of chipboard so if your word is longer you can just pick up an extra kit .. they were only $1.99 each and if you have a 40% coupon it's definitely a bargain .

I attached a leaf and a letter to each piece of covered chipboard.  I saved the ribbon for last.  You will need to gauge the placement of your ribbon depending on it's width.  The ribbon I used was slightly wide so I measured it about a quarter inch from the top of the banner and then overlapped the extra onto the back of the chipboard. I used my good ole' stapler to adhere the ribbon since I knew it would hold it securely .  You could however use a tape runner or any other adhesive of your choice.  Be sure to allow for space in between the banner and the ribbon as this will make it easier to fold it up for storage , etc.

And there you have a quick , fun and crafty way to decorate a window, mantel, etc for whatever season or holiday you wish !

Tomorrow I will be announcing my newest creative addition to my Etsy Shoppe .  I am having so much fun crafting these ! See you then!

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