Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

I know summer is not officially over but my brain has already begun to slide into the next season . It's getting darker earlier and lighter later .. I think that may be one of the biggest things I dislike about summer leaving us .. besides the much colder temps that winter brings which I am not a fan of either !
But Fall is a beautiful season .. the colorful changes that nature goes thru , the crisper air and less humidity , the need for a light sweater in the mornings , and scent of burning leaves and the cool nights that are perfect to relax by the warmth of a firepit .  Those are some of the things that make me love this season...and the fact that my birthday is in October and Halloween is my most favorite holiday seem pretty fitting :)

My workspace at the moment has a project that I am in the middle of for an art group I belong to on Facebook. The theme was Seasons and of course I went with Fall since it has the prettiest colors.
It's a little mixed media shadowbox/collage using the Tim Holtz compartment tray pictured above.

I will be sure to share the finished piece here in the next couple days !

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