Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

I love the idea of sharing a photo of what your desk /studio / workspace looks like .   It's fun to see what projects are being worked on, the cool supplies they are using or even just the crazy inspiring mess that it can be . So I figured I would do a post each week to let you in on what I'm creating or playing with at the moment.
It's 95 degrees out but scrapbooking our little weekend getaway for our anniversary this past January reminds me of how cold this winter was and I'm totally ok with being overly warm ! I am hoping to have this album complete within the next week or so and I will share some pages here on my blog .
Please feel free to comment below with a link to your workspace .. I would love to see !

And a little exciting news ... I am in the midst of setting up a new home for my blog.  I like Blogger and it's features and the fact that it is free. But I saw another artist's blog the other day and she had moved her site and it looks amazing!  So, after I finish up the last few tweaks I will be announcing it on here.  My new home will be on Squarespace .. watch out for updates here :)

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