Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A field of Lavender

Saturday was just gorgeous .. the weather was more than perfect to take a ride to Peace Valley Lavender Farm . As soon as we stepped out of the car the intoxicating scent of the Lavender filled our noses ... I think I could have laid right down in that pretty bed of purple and taken a little nap .

I just kept taking in long quiet breaths .. it really is the most relaxing scent I have ever experienced. It's strong yet delicate at the same time.   I adored the farm house shop .. we talked with the owner for a bit and she even gave us a little tour of the ins and outs of how the lavender is extracted using a very cool steam method .  There were rows and rows of last years plants hanging beautifully in this section of the house.


There was also a machine that was delivered from Australia that is used to take the seeds from the plants and those are used in different ways such as the fragrance sachets and even cooking .. and yes it's purple , how fitting !

Inside the gift area were all sorts of lavender scented yummies to choose from .. there was pretty much everything from lotions to decorative plants for hanging to cookies , chocolate , even little recipe cards with just the right amount of lavender to use included with it.  We took one home for a brownie recipe .. can't wait to make them.

This pretty vintage birdhouse caught my eye..love the cut out details.

Afterward we took a quick run to a little market down the road and we bought a few goodies there ..some cherry turnovers , fresh sweet paprika and we couldn't leave without taking some local sweet corn home .  It really is a summer staple .. you can't do summer with this deliciousness.

Later in the week I will be sharing my new additions that will be put up in my Etsy shop this weekend .  Be sure to take advantage of the farmer's markets in your area  .. another reason to love summer :)

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