Friday, June 6, 2014

Sunny with a chance of waffles

A day off from work is always a wonderful thing ..and when it includes a cool movie and ice cream date with your honey afterwards it kicks it up quite a few notches :)   We went to see Edge of Tomorrow - the new sci-fi movie with Tom Cruise.  Very cool storyline and alot of action .. I definitely recommend it !
Afterwards we went to Zwhalen's and had a hard time deciding what we wanted to get .  We wound up getting the same exact thing ... only difference was the fruit topping . The waffles are handmade fresh right then and there when you order . They let them cool just enough so that the ice cream isn't a melted mess before you can even try your first bite.  I chose raspberries for mine .. my boyfriend got cherries.  They were both delicious , not to mention HUGE!   Next time I think we would definitely share one..neither of us could finish our plate.

Here is the after shot .. lol..we tore them up !

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