Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Any time is a good time for ice cream .. and candied apples

I .. love ... ice cream.  I'm not picky on the flavor but I do have my absolute go to favorites .. which are strawberry and chocolate chip.  I know , they are regular -not out of the ordinary flavors but they are delicious so I tend to choose them whenever I go out for this tasty treat.  We happened to be out one night having dinner and drinks at one of our favorite places "Chickie and Petes" and we had been to this particular location about 3 or 4 times .. but I never noticed until our last visit that there was a very cute ice cream parlour right across from it !  Zwahlen's is family owned which is always a nice touch and I am in love with their ice cream !   They have an adorable sit down / inside area to relax and chat while you devour .. I mean slowly enjoy .. all the treats they have to offer . They also have a pretty outdoor seating area which we will be checking out our next time around...which will be this week after we check out the new Tom Cruise movie "Edge of Tomorrow".  They have their normal day to day faves that can be found at most ice cream shoppes but every month they have specials and limited edition flavors as well.  They don't have a website yet but they do have a facebook page which I linked up above.
They have their June menu up and I must say the strawberry shortcake is calling my name ..yummo!!   And .. they don't just have amazing ice cream to satistfy your sweet tooth .. they also have a huge selection of handmade chocolates and candy apples .  I do think I could have taken home one of each of those lovelies :)

In the next week I will be adding posts with some of my art .. some journal stuff and some little bits that will be up in my Etsy shop soon.  

Till next time !

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