Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dreams do come true...

Project Life is a wonderful way to capture your memories day to day ... week to week .. month to month .  However it best fits into your life .. your schedule.  I think that is part  of the reason I love it so much .. there really is not right or wrong way to do it . Add to that the many amazing products that so many companies have been coming up with to make your Project Life even more fun to create ..  I call that super awesome.

I will be uploading and sharing some of my pages from 2012 .. granted there are not too many because it was a year of upheaval but I have good vibes for 2013 so I am hoping to change that for this year's .  I would like to try to do it on a week to week basis .. we'll see how it goes.
I will also be uploading some pages from my December Daily .. 2012 was the first year I actually completed one .. mainly due to the fact that I am very much in love with my man and he made this Christmas a special one:)

In lieu of all of that .. my main excitement for this post centers around the picture above...when I first saw it I swear I heard the angels singing .  This is going to be a huge WANT for many scrapbookers out there and I know I will be buying it the minute it is available.  It is going to make life so much easier .. my Project Life will have never been happier !

You can read all about it here .. it will be available in June . 

Did I mention it makes rounded corners ??  Seriously .. I am in love.

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