Monday, October 3, 2011

Something old becomes something new...

I sometimes think I re-arrange my studio more than I actually play in my studio !  When we made the attic into my art oasis I knew that it would be somewhat of a challenge due to the sloped walls which made for limited space.  I have clunked my head a few times which I figured was bound to happen !  But slowly I have made it into my own little home away from home with minor changes , furniture additions and so on.

The shelving unit pictured above was actually left by the previous owner and was 4 shelves high....until my husband gave it a new look :)  The 4 shelves were really high and would not have fit into the space properly but I was hoping it could somehow find a new home in my studio.  All  I had to do was tell Lou what I was thinking of using it for and he said no problem..we can fix that !  So he took his tools and set to work .. with the outcome being a perfectly sized 2 shelf unit !   I told him he rocks ♥

So now I have all my crafting books, scrapbooks and such in one place ! 

I wanted to show you a close up of one of my altered books .. which is empty inside so far but I hope to change that in the near future .  I loved the tag shape of it !

Now of course I still thought a little more re-arranging could be done in my desk area .  I love having all of my paints , distress inks , sprays and collage papers  right within arms reach when I am journaling and creating in general. So ... I took the table that we found at Ikea a few months back that held most of my books and ...

made it into my paint and collage station !

I have my white wire rack on my other side which holds all of my glues, tapes, tags, etc .

It's always great to see other artists spaces so please feel free to share yours with me !

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  1. Oooo! I love your i so have to follow your blog : )
    and BTW your workspace looks great...I'm not, absolutely NOT showing mine!!