Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's Here !!!

Blogtoberfest that is !  And Dottie Angel is too .. the book I have been coveting for quite sometime!

If you haven't heard about the awesome event known as Blogtoberfest you are missing out on the fun !  It is a wonderful way to explore tons of inspiring blogs that you may not have known about .. and a great way to get your blog seen to !   I only hope that I can keep up with everyone else and commit to blogging daily ... I am gonna try real hard !

We took a daytrip to Frenchtown, NJ today .. lots of fun and a yummy lunch .. thankfully it didn't rain but I was keeping my fingers crossed for some sunshine .  We didn't see the elusive glowing orb but it didn't ruin our day.  There were quite a few shops with antiques, decorative housewares, and such .  Lovely restaurants and cafes too .. we had lunch at the Race Street Cafe .. followed by a nice hot cup of coffee and a treat at What's Brewing at Maria's.  My highlight was going to Modern Love ..such a neat little store !  They had some gorgeous typewriters .. mostly from the 1960's .. and I fell in love with one of them .  It was a pretty cocoa brown in perfect condition .  If I had $240.00 it would have come home with me !  And even though I wasn't able to bring that beauty home I did score another gem ... Dottie Angel !

These books were crafted with loads of love .. the details put into this are amazing.  The covers all have postcards that were handstitched .. love it !!

Here is a spread from inside the book

And another ... I love the text on this one "A neglected soul with potential will always win my heart"
Tif is one crafty gal .. and she will inspire the heck out of you with this book .  If you aren't able to find it where you are you can always order it direct from the publisher Uppercase.  I seriously think everyone needs a copy :)

Here are some super cute extras that were included in a glassine envelope along with the book . I told you .. the details that went into this really made it even more special.

I spent some time in my studio today .. mainly just playing around .  I didn't have any planned ideas .. I really want to start journaling and hope to get back into that within the next couple weeks .  I am in the midst of making a journal in Teresa McFaydens's online class .  As soon as I have it ready for journaling I will post some pictures here .

Here is a little something I did make today ...

I am still in the Halloween mode :)


  1. Hi there! Coming over form blogtoberfest- nice to meet you! The book looks amazing! I love a book where I can sit and devour all the love that has been put into it.

  2. That book looks amazing will have to try and source it out, nothing better than a cuppa and a great inspiring read.