Friday, August 26, 2011

It's a Dog's (and soon to be Cat's!) World

I have finally started scrapping my Doggy album .. I have soooo many pictures so it is quite a task !  I am going to try to keep it somewhat simple due to the amount of pictures .  And sadly there just aren't a ton of dog or cat scrapbook supplies out there I am going to keep the emphasis more on the pictures and the journaling.

I have completed the cover and the 1st inside page so far .  The rest of the pages have scrapbook papers adhered as background and are awaiting the pictures , embellishments and journaling.

It is bittersweet creating this album now since the best dog in the world .. our Peanut .. has passed away.  It has been a little over 4 years since we had to let him go at the young age of 12 .  He was the best buddy and we miss him everyday.  Quirky chihuahua doesn't even start to describe that boy :)

I hope to start working on my kitty scrapbook soon after I am finished completing this one .  That will be a monumentous task .. we do have 10 cats .. so quadruple the  pictures !  I was pretty excited to find the Doodlebug Storybook albums so I bought one of those and the pages that you can purchase with it are pretty amazing!  It makes it so easy to create your pages .. especially when you have been a bit of a procrastinator such as myself and have loads of pictures !

Those of you who will be in the path of Hurricane Irene this weekend please take cover and be safe !  I am really hoping that the worst of it passes us by .  I will be squirreled away in my studio till it's over !

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