Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back in the Saddle....

It feels so good to have the time to be in my studio .. my desk covered in papers, embellishments, paints and glues!!  I really wanted to keep up with the 30 day photo challenge but it definitely proved to be a challenge since I just could not keep up with a daily routine type of thing.. with work and life in general it just didn't pan out but I am enjoying getting to see the other participants pictures !  Maybe one day I will be able to be more diligent and participate in something like this again .

I really want to start selling some of my artwork on Etsy .. it has been something that I have wanted to do for a long time .  I have so many ideas for things and in the next couple  weeks I hope to be adding many new items  such as fabric bracelet cuffs, braided friendship bracelets, and wood collages . I laso have some halloween themed ideas floating around as well... Halloween is my favorite holiday so it's a must !  In the meantime I did spend quite a few hours this weekend in my studio and finished up 2 projects .. my wood collage that I started working on a couple weeks ago and a little art journal / scrapbook . I am pretty happy with the way they both came out ! 

Here is the wood collage .. I have so much fun creating these and am so happy to have been inspired to the gills by Karen Michel .  She is an amazing artist .. creativity oozes from that girl I tell ya !

And here is the art journal / scrapbook that I made this afternoon. I try to recycle where I can and I must admit that good old cardboard boxes are wonderful to cut and use as covers for books .  I will usually save boxes that are in good condition just for this purpose .  I cover them with papers and whatever else that calls out to be used as decorative details .  I then go thru my scraps of papers, my scrapbook pads, grab some washi tape and create a book that can be used for a plethora of projects!

I plan on making quite a few more of these .. so much fun !  I will be adding these to my etsy tonight and if you are interested please keep checking back over the next couple weeks as I add more to the shop !

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