Friday, July 15, 2011

My Studio ♥

Where has the first half of the summer gone ?  It's my favorite time of the year ( my 2nd favorite being Fall ) and it tends to go by the quickest .  There is still so much I want / need to do .. I haven't even started on the planting / gardening that I had envisioned **sigh** not enough hours in the day.

And of course I have not posted enough on my blog .. which really does need to change !  So , I thought I would share some photos of my studio .  It is the attic of our house .. and it is all mine !  My studio used to be the computer room / storage room in our previous house so I am thrilled to finally have a space that I can use as just an art studio !  It is still in the works .. I would actually love to have a picnic table alongside one of the walls where I can lay out large sheets of paper for cutting / painting, etc. My desk is a decent size but I definitely need a little more table room .  I also want to add more art to the walls and make it more my own creative space.


Since it is an attic I had to place the furniture in certain places due to the sloped areas . I knew right where I wanted my desk though ... in front of the windows in this little alcove so that I could take advantage of the natural light .


Some fun stuff that I have on my desk .. a cute little planter that I found at Home Depot that will work well for water for my paintbrushes .. some alphabet stamps..


Another little find from Home Depot where I keep some of my brushes, glues, tapes ...


Another storage area for my Martha Stewart paints , Claudine Hellmuth paints and gesso, Shiva Paintstiks, Sharpie Poster pens...


One of my favortie finds (Home Depot..again !)  was only $12.00 and holds all of my little doo-dads, embellishments, tags ,etc and the drawers are nicely sized with a clear view so I can see what is in each of them easily !



I bought two of these wonderful drawer units from Ikea .. love that place !  This one holds all of my stamps, collage papers, bigger doo-dads and my fat books from previous swaps ..


A few of the drawers treasures :






This drawer holds all of my scrapbooking goodies .. papers, stickers, and other fun stuff..





The top of one of my windows was the perfect place for my quirky little group ..


My ever growing collection of art books and magazines.. and more odd little collectibles...



A  close up look at my book collection ...


A neat little table from Ikea that holds my cardstock and assorted little journals and folders with ideas for art projects .. the lamp is from Target .. another addiction of mine


More beautiful artwork to grace my walls .. the bottom is an original painting by Misty Mawn ..


 I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my art oasis !  I would love to see photos of your studios so be sure to leave me a comment along with your blog address .. it's always fun to see how others decorate their space and it helps you to get ideas for your own as well !


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