Saturday, July 30, 2011


The sights, the sounds, the smells.. just being in this city for a few moments and your senses are overloaded with amazing things .  We like to take day trips a few times a year .. our favorite places being Times Square , Rockefeller Center and Soho.  There are so many other parts of NYC that I want to check out including these awesome flea markets , this new market that just opened , the zooaquarium , and Edgar Allen Poe's cottage to name a few . 

This visit we finally went to Tara McPherson's store , she is an amazing artist and her shop does not disappoint !  I came away with a few things of course :)

 A few postcards (free) announcing other artists shows that will (or have ) taken place at Tara's shop and a zine by David Correia and a gorgeous signed print by Daniel Danger ... I have to get to Michael's next weekend so I can find the perfect frame for it .

We had lunch at Motorino .. and yes the pizza looks and tastes as good as that picture looks !  It may have been one of the best pizza's we have ever had !

Then it was off for a little more walking , sightseeing and shopping .  I was excited to learn that there was a Kinokuniya bookstore .. the first one I had been in was in Seattle and I loved it .  This store was just as cool and packed with great books, pens, papers, etc . I couldn't resist more washi tape ...

We also made a quick stop at Mid-Town Comics for our special limited edition Walking Dead Comic Con passes .  I was amazed at how many comic books there are .. I don't really read them but I do love to look thru them for the visual aspect and the covers are pretty awesome !  Although I did find a comic that I had to have .. Lenore ♥

We passed a store called Muji and I could see from the shop windows that they had some cool paper products (it is mainly a clothing store) so we headed on over to check it out and I was pleasantly suprised at the selection and the prices !  I came away with a few goodies for very little $ .. which is always a plus!
 A couple journals .. the larger one will be for my new "Inspiration" book like the smashbooks that are out there , and some cool kraft envelopes that are begging to be altered and distressed !

It was time for a sweet treat so we went to Crumbs Bake Shop ...I had heard awesome things about them and it was soooo hard to pick just a few but we managed to leave the store without spending too much

It was almost time to leave but I had to take a couple more pictures to remember the fun day we had ...

I have not had the time I would like to have to spend in my studio but I will be getting some art time in tomorrow night and monday so pictures coming soon of my wood collage in progress and the beginnings of my Inspiration journal .. I already have some things laid out for the cover .. fun fun !!


  1. LOVE NY! and LOVE crumbs! :) i'll be heading there in about a week with my daughter. i see overeating in my near future. :)

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