Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For the love of the printed word .. and a giveaway !



One thing you should know about me is that I am a magazine addict .. there are so many publications that inspire and bring forth a burst of creativity just by flipping thru them . We spend lots of time at Borders ( it will be hard to see all of those stores closing)  and I adore Stampington and Company, Somerset Memories, Art Journaling, Cloth Paper Scissors and the list could go on !  I really like Selvedge but just can't afford it  so I tend to flip thru it while we sit in the cafe. 

There are 2 publications that I want to share with you that are available by subscription and some select stores do carry them as well .. 

Uppercase  is a beautifully and well crafted magazine published in Canada (they also have a store which I would LOVE to visit someday ) .   As each cover states it is a magazine for the creative and curious ... my only disappointment with this magazine is that I wish it was published more often !  It comes out every 3 months and is worth every penny . Here are a couple layouts from the most recent issue :





Anthology  is another publication that is fairly new and packs a punch with color and inspiration.  Their blog is not to be missed either .. its' gorgeous !

Here are a couple layouts from the  winter issue :




And now .. for the giveaway!!   We all want people to view and share their thoughts with us on our blogs ... and we also know how hard it can be to get our blog noticed amongst all of the other awesome and awe-inspiring blogs that are out there . Soooooo... if you would post a link to my blog on your own blog I will put you in the running for this fun little goodie bag :



You will receive some fab scrapbooking supplies such as flocked tape, chipboard and vintage inspired stickers , a Maya Road birdie book to paint, distress, embellish as you wish and a few of my trades from this year's Artfest !

I will also randomly give out  Artfest trade packs to 6 more bloggers !


All you need to do is post about my blog on yours and make sure you leave a comment to this post with a link to you blog .   I will also do a special blog feature on all everyone who links my blog to theirs .. we can all help each other get a little more noticed !  The deadline for the giveaway is July 25  !!


In creative news I have distressed my wood piece .. the painting will commence tomorrow .. hope to have some images up for you by the weekend ! 






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