Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcoming Miss Merry Harriet Fairyland...


Isn't she the cutest?   She was created by Vanessa and I was so excited that she was still available when I logged onto her etsy site !  Her whimsical creations are usually snapped up in seconds but I think Miss Merry was waiting just for me :)

I made sure to put her in a very special place amongst twinkly lights, snowmen and sparkly trees ... I think she likes it there and has made herself cozy and comfy.


She has the most wonderful wings dusted with the right amount of fairydust...


 I also have some pictures of our tree that we trimmed last night - I will put those in a seperate post . 

I would like to invite you all to a Valentine Collaborative project that I am hosting on my Fat Books yahoo group forum.  Here are the details - we have 11 artists signed up so far :

Your Heart's Desire .. This will be a Valentine themed ATC adventure! There will be no binding involved but I have a neat little presentation/keepsake idea to house these in ! Create an ATC with hearts, desires, cupids,and more ! If possible try to keep your color theme to Red/White/Cream - but you can use other colors if you wish . Flat embellishments are encouraged - please nothing bulky or large . Keepsake storage and postage cost is $13.00. Sign ups close on January 2. ATC's need to be mailed no later than February 1.

If you would like to join us just leave me a comment and I will send you the invite to the group so you can play !

I am finishing up the details for the Valentine swap that I will be hosting on here as well so be sure to visit my blog on Friday for all the fun!




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