Thursday, November 6, 2008


These are my favorite fabric placemats - I have actually used them the past couple years . I tend to keep them around for less than that since each year I see new ones that I like!  But these are just so colorful and fun that I can't get rid of them!

Here are a couple pictures of some new fall decorations that I have put out since al of the Halloween is tucked away .  I loved the little orange wagon that this flower arrangement came nestled in - I bought this at Michael's a few years ago at the end of the season when they are 1/2 price. It looks perfect as main centerpiece on the dining room table.


Here is my kitchen window - tried to take the picture without getting any glare .... no luck !  When the weather is better I will take a picture of the other window that I decorate in the front of the house. It has been raining since Tuesday ... I miss the sunshine .




There is PLENTY of room to come and join my Snowman swap so if you are interested please come out and join the fun!!  (see my post a few down from this one.)

I am still putting the finishing touches on my Godson's halloween scrapbook so I hope to have that up on my blog in the next couple days.

Also, if anyone can help me find some fun and funky stamps of octopus (preferably Teesha Moore style!)  I would much appreicate it!  Due to finances I will not be able to attend Artfest next year (I'm hoping for 2010!) but I am participating in the awesome ATC swap held by Bee Shay.  So if you know of any odd octopus stamps please send the info my way!



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